What is physiotherapy?

It is a therapy that uses physical agents such as massage, manipulation, mobilisations, exercise, and electrotherapies to treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal problems.

The type of problems treated by physiotherapy includes back pain, joint problems, muscle strains, tendon and ligament sprains, post surgery, movement dysfunctions, performance problems, neurological conditions, sports injuries and also injury prevention.

What does an assessment involve?

The physiotherapist will first discuss the current problem and then perform a full assessment. In the case of horses, this will involve watching it move both in hand, on a lunge and if indicated ridden. In the case of dogs and cats movement will be observed.

Muscles and joints will be palpated/felt for any tenderness, tightness or muscle spasm. All the findings will then be collated and a treatment plan and rehabilitation program formulated appropriate to the animalís condition.

Polly is very keen to work with your vet and often will arrange a joint assessment to optimise the outcome.

What treatments are used?

The choice of treatment is determined by the assessment and problems identified. Treatment may involve any of the following: massage, stretches, mobilisations and manipulation. Electrotherapy may also be indicated in which case LASER, H-wave, TENS, muscle stimulation and ultrasound may be used.

For deep seated chronic pain cases particularly involving the horseís neck a treatment under sedation may be recommended to address the problem, this will be arranged in conjunction to your vet.

Following a treatment your animal will be given a home exercise program to maintain and improved their way of going.