Pepples hurt his back whilst playing with our new puppy. Although he was made more comfortable with his Metacam a couple of sessions of physiotherapy with Polly helped him enormously. He was soon back to his normal bouncy state and ready for another ragging session with the puppy!

Susi Brew

Lordy is a large retired national hunt horse who in his later years has taken up new career in endurance. Polly has helped keep him supple and sound.

Vicky Butcher.

Inka, a four year old Labrador, tumbled over whilst chasing for her ball and was limping afterwards. We tried rest on our vet's advice but she was not improving. Polly did a thorough examination and discovered trigger points and muscle spasm in her forelimb muscles and back. Following treatment Inka is now "back on her paws". We are very grateful to Polly.

Ben and Anna Train.

Pickles, a 15-year old event horse, was not stepping through from behind. Following an assessment by my vet, he was found to be very tender in his poll. Physiotherapy was recommended. Pickles had previously been mistreated and was very nervous of strangers, so for his first treatment to maximise the effects he was sedated by the vet - this allowed Polly to give him a deep treatment. After three sessions Pickles was going the best he has done for a while. Polly also looked at my riding which identified a few issues that have been addressed. Pickles is now doing well in his dressage and we can also touch him around his ears.

Emma Humphries.